Our Garden Fail

Where did we go wrong? Look at our garden, 3 weeks later! Dismal!


I feel like something’s missing….


Bean stalks minus the beans?


These tomato seedlings given to me by a neighbor literally haven’t changed or grown at all in 3+ weeks.


Anndddddd nothing. Wahhh.

Here’s where we went wrong perhaps: We used 8 bags of Miracle Gro and no compost or native soil to speak of. The garden gets about 10 hours of full sun a day, maybe I wasn’t watering it enough? Underneath the soil is pretty sandy also. I’m also thinking we planted too late in the season- the end of┬áMay even in NY seems late. God knows the snow had pretty much just melted at that point though!

My uncle suggested more compost, watering more and using seedlings instead of tiny seeds. Considering I didn’t even know what a seedling was (“You mean, a seed? Well yeah, duh, I planted them…”), maybe I will try to do that next year. Damn, I was really hoping for some cukes and tomatoes! Guess I’ll have to go steal Uncle’s!