Everything under $35

I am not a fashion blogger.  I do, however, love clothes and a good bargain. Seems like every time I notice a trend, it has already passed (point in case; I just bought a chevron-printed pillow).

As I was cleaning out my closet to donate some stuff, I realized I hardly ever spent more than $30 on anything. [Note: This does not mean the retail value is over $30; I just refuse to pay more than $25 for a shirt. Or a bra. Or flats. But we all know “retail value” is a crock of shit, don’t we?]. I do wear Levi’s jeans for the most part and those are pricier, but I find them for $35 at the outlets. Shoes and boots I do pay more for, as I try to not get those in too trendy a style, and prices are as noted.

I am also a hard-core devotee of TJMaxx. Hard. Core. Quite possibly their biggest fan. So I thought I might display some of my finds, almost all from TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Target to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look stylish, professional, sexy, trendy-but-not-trying-too-hard, comfy… whatever look you’re going for. Even if you can’t keep up with the trends.

April: Bring on the spring clothes! Even if it’s still snowing outside!

april under35

  • Gold Link Bracelet: eBay $6
  • Wedges: Merona (old) Target $15
  • Skinny Khaki Casual Pants: Jolt, TJMaxx $20
  • Chunky Bib Necklace: eBay $8 (notcing a trend?)
  • Striped Knit top: Merona: Target clearance $12

under $35

  • Leopard tie-front shirt: TJMaxx $20
  • Gold bib Necklace: eBay $8
  • Belt: Kohl’s on sale $14
  • Skinny black pants: Kenar, TJMaxx I LOVE THIS BRAND!!  $24.99
  • Wedges: Merona® Kamoni Wedge Bootie, Target clearance $22



March- the theme is GREEN!

under $35

  • Woodsy Green ankle pants: Target $10
  • Nude Mackenzie Wedges: Target clearance $15 a while ago
  • Studded Heels: Target $10
  • Chunky Necklace: So Good in Boston
  • Ruched-shoulder neutral blouse: TJMaxx $20

under $35

















  • Boots: these are the best boots I have ever owned Steve Madden Candence. I have worn them countless, countless times. I also have them in cognac which they discontinued but I got off eBay! $100
  • Knit slouchy top: Mossimo- Target (this is actually my stepsister’s. Sorry, K, I will give it back!!!), $??
  • Black Knit Scarf– Forever 21, $5


February- the theme is edgy/ romantic


  • Dress– One Clothing- $16.99 [TJMaxx]
  • Bad-ass leather side panel black leggings – Philosophy-  $25 [TJMaxx]
  • Leather booties – Kenneth Cole- $65 [Kenneth Cole.com] after Christmas markdown from $110!
  • Levi’s Demi Curve skinny jeans- $35 [Levi’s outlet]
  • Red ankle jeans – Seven- $24.99 [TJMaxx]
  • Faux-leather studded flats – Mossimo Supply co flats. $10.80 [Target clearance]
  • Polka-dot blouse– Pleione- $24.99 [TJMaxx]
  • colorblock knit shirt – Merona- $10.80 [Target clearance]
  • Nude suede peep-toe pumps (old) –  $30 [Banana Republic Factory store]
  • chunky neon necklace- eBay- $8.75

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